A warm welcome to      

Worthington Methodist Church

Worthington is one of the eighteen churches which comprise the National Forest East Circuit which in turn is part of the Nottingham & Derby District of the Methodist Church.

We are now into our pattern of having 3 services each month two of which are traditional in form with the afternoon one followed by tea. The other afternoon one (evening from April) is of a reflective nature based on Lectio Divina or Divine Reading. For further information on Lectio Divina click here


10th June 2018  Lectio Divina    6.00 pm
17th June 2018 Rev J Bryant 10.30 am 
24th June 2018 Rev J Bryant   2.30 pm
   8th July 2018 Lectio Divina   6.00 pm 
 15th July 2018  Rev J Bryant  10.30 am 
 22nd July 2018 Rev J Goaten   2.30 pm
 12th Aug 2018 Lectio Divina    6.00 pm 
 19th Aug 2018 Rev J Bryant 10.30 am
 26th Aug 2018 Rev J Gpaten   2.30 pm

Gracious God,
Bless each one of us.
Bless every kind, encouraging word
             and every thoughtful action.
May we use our unique human gifts
          to bless others,
          so that our human lives,
          well lived,
          leave an echo
          and a footprint
          of Your love.

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